WordPress Website Maintenance Agreement

If you have included a termination clause in your maintenance and support contract for the website (we recommend that you do so), specifying the duration of the contract may seem unnecessary. Either party can end the relationship at any time, so worrying about a renewal process may seem like an additional inconvenience. For this reason, a support and maintenance contract for the website is crucial. By describing your services (do you offer support for your website security and speed?) and policies in advance, your customers will get the information they need to decide if you can meet their needs. It also gives you legal protection if the relationship becomes sour. We can also call them a monthly WordPress package or maintenance contracts where you can feel safe and feel at peace from having a website and not being bothered by updates and backups and being afraid of being hacked by your website. For site owners who have maintenance requirements that go a step further, we offer maintenance and support contracts based on development time before bulk purchase. We hope we`ve given you an idea of what your website maintenance contract should include, and access to several resources to create one. However, someone with the right training will be able to review the specific wording of your contract for gaps. Customers who choose our standard WPEngine hosting account automatically benefit from a multitude of support and maintenance services typically reserved for „premium website maintenance contracts,” including automated WordPress updates, daily backups, malware scans, and staging servers. There are many benefits to providing support or maintenance services to your customers. Creating a simple website maintenance contract not only helps you get the right foundation, but also provides important protection for you and your business.

If you`ve set renewal periods, customers may also feel like they`re taking less risk when they hire you to maintain their websites. This could encourage them to try your services, while the prospect of signing a long-term contract could put them off. If you are an advanced user and are looking for some advanced features included in the starter plan, you should opt for the Premium plan. The Premium plan will set you back $30 per month for a single website. If you opt for a premium plan, you can discover all the services in the starter plan as well as advanced services such as basic changes, plugin conflicts, and solutions to theme encoding problems. The availability of any website is important because if it goes down for a long time, you lose customers. Therefore, we set up an uptime monitor for your website and check its downtime. With the proper use of maintenance services, your website can generate more revenue in return. Therefore, website maintenance is very important in today`s web world.

To simplify things, you can add an „auto-renewal policy” stating that the contract is renewed every year, unless the customer cancels their services. Be sure to always inform your customers when changes are made to your agreement. Our WordPress maintenance services are divided into three different plans, namely the STARTER, PREMIUM, and ENTERPRISE plan. Please check the prices of each plan as well as the services you can experience. Every user searches the Internet for their needs. Every second, each keyword gives you hundreds of results. With the help of websites, users examine their needs, search for your products, and search for your services. Your business will have a first impression when your website is listed at the top of search engines.

Therefore, you can use it to generate more sales. That`s why website maintenance becomes a top priority for your business. Unfortunately, working in good faith and making assumptions about the expectations of others usually means disaster. For starters, if your services aren`t clearly defined, there will likely be some confusion. What constitutes „maintenance” and „support” varies from one specialist to another. However, if you set a time limit on your contracts, you`ll get some air. Let`s say you realize a few months after offering maintenance services that your late payment fees are a little too lenient. You can easily create a new contract to present to existing customers when their terms have expired. Have you heard that more than 80% of customers buy the products on the competitor`s website after searching for the same products on the bad or bad website because they may not have had a good experience due to a bad user experience? We are certainly well versed in the maintenance and support of WordPress websites.

However, our advice cannot be compared to a lawyer when it comes to creating binding contracts that resist in case of disagreement and you must take legal action. In this article, we`ve outlined five steps to creating your own website support and maintenance contract: Offering maintenance and support services to your development customers is a smart strategy to increase revenue. It also sounds pretty simple – you maintain your clients` websites and they pay you for your work. The nature of the agreement seems obvious, so it doesn`t seem important to write it down. To avoid the above issues and many other similar issues, we`ve developed an affordable monthly WordPress maintenance service plan and package that can take care of your headache on your WordPress website. With the help of our services, you can make sure your website has a good user interface and UX that your customers will never get bored of. If you are looking for WordPress maintenance plans STARTER, PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE, SKT Themes offers professional skills according to the needs of your business. Nevertheless, flat rates are simpler and perhaps easier to manage. If you don`t plan on offering advanced services, it may not be practical to divide your maintenance and support tasks into tiers. SKT Themes offers you a WordPress maintenance package that will help your business grow by providing a fast and secure networking experience. In addition, we offer seamless support and solutions to improve the performance of your company`s website. Scheduling maintenance tasks – Due to the nature of our business, we juggle multiple large web design projects with multiple large web design projects at any given time.

Because time is short, we don`t welcome more customers than we can handle, but planning is a priority for us. We schedule all work for the month in advance in order to maintain a workflow conducive to our company and all our customers. When we hire a maintenance customer, they receive a certain amount of time in our calendar for maintenance tasks that can be performed each month and that count towards their monthly time allowance. Please understand that scheduling these tasks is entirely at the discretion of Nora Kramer Designs. The only time we „push” a customer`s tasks for another customer`s place in the queue is in an emergency. If a website issue isn`t disrupting your business monetarily, e.B an ecommerce website that goes down or has problems with payments, or it`s completely down or offline, it`s not considered an emergency. We will provide you with the time period you have agreed for each month for updates, but we will do so in accordance with our schedule. This is the only way to be fair to all our customers.

Many times we report it to you, but if you find any, let us know and we will do our best to solve the problem. If the problem existed before maintenance, we can charge for it in the same way as in fact. We provide troubleshooting such as plugin conflicts, theme conflicts, updates, backups, and migration assistance, and make basic changes to your site if necessary, but not major changes billed by the hour. In the event that a customer refuses to pay you, you will need proof of the fees you have agreed. Whether you use it to convince defaulting site owners to pay or you take it to court, a simple website maintenance contract could stand between you and a paycheck. The functionality of a website means how easy it is to maintain your website. Let`s assume that the most important feature like the navigation bar or call-to-action feature is disabled or broken, while your customers will never come back to you and use your services because you seem careless in the eyes of users because they can`t contact you properly. All offers, promotions, regular events, troubleshooting various issues are also covered during these monthly WordPress maintenance service plans and contracts.

For this extra level of maintenance and security, our WPEngine Plus hosting provides additional support directly from our studio. We monitor the theme and plugins of your website and keep everything up to date. If a plugin stops working, we replace it with a suitable alternative. Brighton WP will also update your theme when a new version is available. With so much conduct on your website`s support and maintenance contract, it can be daunting to create it. Below, we`ve broken down the key aspects you`d like to include, as well as some resources offered to help you. .